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What’s the vaping lung disease all about? Yes that’s right, the media have created a new panic with their as yet unnamed ‘Mystery Lung Disease’. But if you’re vaping or want to quit smoking, you might be asking: “Is vaping safe?” And you know what? I don’t blame you for worrying. Our media are telling us all sorts of stories – but the media are not telling you the whole story.

I would say that wouldn’t I? What with being in the ecig industry, I have a bias and yes I do focus on trying to protect our industry but we won’t do that, (Or I won’t) at the detriment of health. I don’t want to get ill, so it’s important I look into these stories about the vaping lung disease or are vapes safe.

Recently in a few clustered areas of the USA, a handful of people have died while using a vape device. It’s not the vape kit that has killed them, it’s what was in the vape. Just as it’s not a car that kills a pedestrian, its the dangerous driver behind the wheel – which is why cars aren’t banned.

The common link between all these recent deaths have been the discovery of Vitamin E Acetate. This is used to make THC Cartridges for vaping. In some cases blackmarket versions of THC pods for Juul have been made too. Again, its not the device, it’s what has been going into the vape kit. Oils in their true form – as in, an oil; is not soluble in water. This means if you inhale oil into your lungs, then the moisture in your body will not be able to wash it away from the pores and alveolis in your respiratory system. Essentially you are causing the build up of fats to reduce your lung capacity, which can lead to ‘Lipoid Pneumonia’. This can be fatal and it has shown it with these US cases.

Over in the UK, our nicotine based eliquids that you use to quit smoking are not made with oils, even though some people call them ‘Oils’ – they fundamentally aren’t. It’s confusing, we know, but eliquids are soluble in water – that means they are a decent solution for quitting smoking. They don’t build up in your lungs the way THC or even CBD oil does. Which is why since 2003 when vape kits first came around, we haven’t seen this type of news story. But in the last year with the massive growth of THC oil sales we have seen deaths. It shows, that something has happened in the last 12 months. And sadly, its scaring people away from using vape kits to quit smoking.

So, is vaping safe? The question is misleading – is vaping WHAT safe? Is vaping an approved, tested eliquid for quitting smoking safe? Yes you’ll be pretty much fine and better off for quitting smoking. But if the question is, ‘Is vaping THC oil safe?’ the answer right now, has to be no. See the difference in the questions? It’s all in the context and sadly why so many people right now are asking ‘What’s the vaping lung disease’.

We hope you find this video helpful and if you want to show your support, please share it on to a friend. If you want to find eliquids that are regulated, tested and approved, head on over to our store at and hit the link ‘Starter Eliquids’.

Thanks for watching and we hope we answered the question on whether vaping is safe or what the mystery lung disease is all about.

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