ELIXIR Distro ☠ Botanical E-Liquid Deception 🤯 SHOCKING TRUTH

A botanicals review turned warning of Elixir’s Botanica & Apothecary deceptive practices and potentially dangerous side effects.

My original intention was to find and share a healthy, natural alternative to conventional nicotine e-liquid. I was extremely excited when I learned of Elixir’s vitamin-based 100% botanical brand. I initially started vaping to quit smoking cigarettes. It was a life-changing transition. I eagerly expected this Elixir line to be the next phase in my journey. I imagined replacing all my regular e-liquids with this revolutionary no nicotine mixture. Elixir’s Botanica and Apothecary formulas boasted replacing nicotine with natural stimulants like green tea, yerba mate, burdock, ginseng, B12, maca and more, using stevia as a sweetener substitute to boot. Sign me up! While anticipating the arrival of what I thought was going to be my newest favorite e-juice I, being the overly-curious mind that I am, started doing some digging. What I uncovered was years of deceptive and misleading statements, on camera, to which I’ve posted links below. To my great dismay, false efficacy claims, hidden test results, deceptive practices and dangerous side effects are among some of the most shocking evidence I discovered. I debunk their erroneous assertions and expose their bold fraud. Furthermore, I reveal fabricated testimonials from paid affiliates with exaggerated benefits and deliberately duplicitous endorsements down below. As it turns out, vaping on these alternative stimulants has the dangerous potential of inhaling carcinogenic byproducts, exacerbating certain conditions and inhibiting medications. Research shows that rather than being a holistic, nicotine free solution, this snake oil is unsafe…and the company owners are haphazardly unethical.

In Video References:

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