CBD Advice | Top 5 CBD Myths Shattered by YourCBDpal at Vape and Juice TV

CBD Advice doesn’t come clearer than our Top 5 CBD myths shattered by YourCBDpal David at Vape and Juice TV. We have been dealing with CBD since 2016 and with the recent launch of our sister company CBDStar we wanted to impart some free advice.

The CBD world can be a tricky place to navigate and our CBD advice video is here to answer our top 5 most commonly asked questions about CBD. So if you are about to try CBD for the first time, why not watch our video first to get a clearer understanding.

We want to keep producing great content and we can only get better with your feedback. Send us your comments below on any CBD questions you have we can answer.

Well thats our write up for our CBD advice video, we hope you find our top 5 CBD myths shattered, an interesting watch.

In this episode of CBD Advice videos we will be discussing:
“- Top five CBD myths shattered. Myth number one, CBD is illegal.
CBD’s not illegal. In fact you can buy CBD in a host of countries around the world, North America, South America, Europe, UK, Australia, wherever, you can get CBD from pet shops, you can,
supermarkets, health food stores. CBD’s produced from the industrial plant hemp, which is the known getting high plant from the cannabis family.
Myth number two, CBD gets you high. No, CBD doesn’t get you high. CBD is CBD and THC is THC. THC is what gets you high.
THC is what you generally find in an eighth of weight
from your local supplier. CBD however, contains no THC what so ever, because it’s produced from the hemp plant. Sometimes you can have slight traces of it, but so negligible it’s not gonna get you high.

Myth number three, CBD shows up in drug tests.
No, because CBD contains very, very trace amounts of THC
the endocannabinoid that gets you high, which most drug tests test for, it’s not gonna flag you up. So if you’re in a sports competition, or you’re in a field of work that requires a drug test,
you haven’t got to worry. CBD will not show up in drugs tests.

Myth number four, CBD isolate doesn’t work.
Myth, debunking now. CBD isolate is a super concentrated level
of endocannabiniod CBD in a liquid or oil, or whatever.
In the UK now, you can’t get CBD isolate in CBD oils because it’s a food product and you can’t have CBD isolates as a food product,
but you can take CBD isolate in E-liquid and where CBD E-liquids are incredibly buy available, having super high levels of CBD through CBD isolate could actually be a really effective thing.”

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