$18 Vape – Honest Reviews with Sophia

Shop the 710 Ready Mix kit:

These 710 Ready Mix vaporizers are made for thinned oils or juices. (CBD, THC oil, e-liquid, you name it.) Turn any concentrate into a vaping liquid…just fill the glass cartridge and go! You can’t get better value for this price. Seriously – the best cheap vape money can buy. High quality parts, simple interface, and crazy value. This is pretty much a must-have for anyone who vapes oils. Even if you’re not a beginner, keep one of these in your collection.

The stainless steel body contains a powerful 280mah battery that works with the included glass ceramic coil cart or can be used with pre-made cartridges. These vape pens are slim and super discreet, and the auto-draw activation makes it easy to draw. No confusing button clicks or temperatures!

As an extra feature, the 710 Ready Mix pen’s rubber bottom also functions as a digital stylus. Probably cheaper and better made than most styluses. Use it to play Candy Crush on the plane for all we care.


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