Shout out to Rouge Vape, 29 Montreal Rd.

Just look at my google review. They helped me through the process to quit heavy smoking. Here it is. They have helped me through the journey to quit tobacco.

Edit: This has been 4 months later. I am still treated the same, loved even more as this is my only store. I trust Rouge Vape among any other. My review below this edit still stands and I am only going to edit more and more. I had posted pictures of my newly loved mod. The owner who is Matt, knows the way I vape so well. It’s like he’s my personal trainer to a healthy life. I used to smoke cigarettes.. I am so happy I walked into Rouge Vape when I did to get a free vaporizer in exchange for my last cigarettes. TO be honest I never looked back. Matt takes good care of me and is never ever in a bad mood. I always see a smile on his face and I go to this store very often. The staff at this store is like a family to me and they’re always there to help each other with a problem. However.. With this new mod at 220W I can take a smaller hit with bigger clouds. I am a cloud chaser and am proud to have support with this store.

Edit 2: from the beginning I used to be a smoker. But i went into rouge vape and popped in for their quit smoking and start vaping promotion. Well I did just that. Matt and the rest of the staff are ready and willing to help people quit smoking and come on the path to a healthier alternative then smoking. The store has a huge selection too. If you dont want the promotional vape but you want something more potant. Anyone there will help you.

Edit 3: with the legalization of cannabis. Rouge vape has a selection of dry vapes to smoke your cannabis and enjoy the loving taste of the strain with it the hot burning taste. I would suggest a dry vape to anyone before a joint.

I love this place. Excellent service! I am treated like family here! After all the other “Vape Shops” In my area. This isn’t just a “Shop”. This is a “Super Store”. I highly recommend Rouge Vape (29 Montreal Rd). They have an insane selection of juice where you can literally just walk in and try them out. They have what you need from A-Z and if they don’t. No need to worry they can order it in for you. So far I have bought a Full mod from them, Juice every time I am there, Coils and batteries. This Superstore always makes me SuperSatisfied!!


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