ORGANIC E-Liquid Review 🌎 Essence Vapor’s ALL NATURAL Nicotine Solution

USDA-Certified organic flavor extracts, nicotine from the highest quality organically grown US tobacco, first-rate E-liquid and vape experience.

The vape industry offers an overabundance of flavor and juice options but almost all of them are compiled from a slew of chemicals and extracts which we don’t have enough data to realize the long term effects on the user or planet. Where other manufacturers attempt to corner the market while producing potentially toxic results, the Essence Vapor company’s decree is to provide the cleanest and most natural vapor solution. All while maintaining the smallest possible carbon footprint without the compromise of delivering a variety of premium flavors and overall vape experience.

Essence Vapor offers ten sugar free E-liquid flavors but none of them contain any gluten and no GMO’s or PG (propylene glycol). Everything they produce is sourced from all natural extracts, contains 100% organic certified VG (vegetable glycerin) with highest quality critically extracted nicotine from organically grown US tobacco and they do so with utmost consideration for the effects imposed on the environment.

But the absence of all those artificial additives which solidify the popularity of the competition, can they pass the taste test? Tune in to this review and comparison from someone who’s become accustomed to the unhealthier alternative.

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