Rick Ross smokes these? Chief Stix CBD smokes Live Review #thehempiest

Chief Stix CBD smokes review with a deal. You can order these with 10% off if you use code STAYHEMPY at the checkout on (oh don’t click it if you are under 21, you will need to grow up first son.)

Is it a cigarette? Is it a blizzy? Will it make you high?
3x ❌!

Chief Stix look like cigarettes, smell like weed but are 100% organic CBD product with 0% of nicotine and 0% of tabacco. Will you look cool smoking them? Hell yeah! (unless your mom will spot you with it). Plus for sure it will be healthier for you than normal cigatettes

Each stix contains 50mg of CBD (well CBDa to be more precise – we found it in their 3rd party lab results) so a pretty solid dosage which should be right for a vast mojority of casual users.

You can buy it, but probably it’s not the best pick for your mom, unless she is addicted to nicotine 👩‍🦳

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