AirisTech G2 cbd Atomizer 510 base to upgrade Vuse Ciro

AirisTech G2 cbd Atomizer tank Cartridge 510 base 32846506532
Buy it here: ShenZhen JRGK-S Store

The C2 clearomizer is an inexpensive and easy to refill tank with a 510 base. I have tested this clearomizer on an eGo-T 650mAh battery, and A Vuse Ciro battery with excellent results on both batteries. The G2 Atomizer is aproximately the same diameter and in fit and feel very similar to Vuse Ciro tanks. The Cap driptip bit is a bit cumbersome but seems to be available in three different styles.

Primarily I purchased this from ShenZhen JRGK-S an AliExpress seller as it was the least expensive with shipping in a time limited search. Basically the countdown timer set to three minutes. Task; In three minutes find ceramic coil clearomiser to replace Vuse Ciro proprietary tank. A Bing search for clearomizer produced a somnabulatory list of possibilites. Most appealing seemed to be on AliExpress or AliBaba With a smattering on eBay. eBAy managed to disqualify itself from the search after twenty seconds of overpriced items with outrageous shipping fees attached. Next target area AliExpress A search for clearomizer ceramic 510 produced a volluminous list. sorted by price plus shipping the top three candidates were identical. I feel confident to say this is the best deal in the world as of six and a half weeks ago. My test purchase came to less than $1.75 for one unit.

Yes shipping. As long as your in no hurry this is OK, it will show up six or seven weeks later. This item arrived in a small gray plastic bag package containing an inflated liner and the clearomizer in an individual tube. Even though it took six and a half weeks, this is still under the original agreed to projection.

PG = Propylene Glycol, a petroleum by-product. The fluid has no odour or colour. Studies have shown that PG is safe to ingest orally, and the FDA has deemed it “generally recognized as safe” to be used as a food additive. However, most studies into the safety of propylene glycol look at ingestion, rather than consuming it in aerosol form. Of the limited studies that exist, a long-term experiment held in 1947 judged that inhaling PG was ‘completely harmless’.
PG can be found in various common household items such as:
Nicotine inhalers
Toothpaste and other oral hygiene products
Medical products used orally, injected or as topical formulations
Pet food
Beauty products, including make-up, shampoo and baby wipes

VG = Vegetable Glycerin is a natural chemical, derived from vegetable oil, so is safe for vegetarians.
VG is found in numerous medical, food and personal care products:
Sweetener as sugar replacement
Beauty products, such as make-up, mousse, bubble bath, aftershave, and deodorant
Pet food
Soap and hand cream
Food such as baked goods, to increase moisture
To provide thick gel for certain medicinal creams, capsule pills and jellies
Toothpaste and other dental care products

Nicotine = Toxic addictive chemical extracted from Tobacco plants. Extremely addictive, used in pesticides.

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