NO FLAVOR?! WTF?! Michigan, Black Market THC & CBD Cardos, Corrupt Government!!!

WARNING- i get a little passionate and might use some bad language!!
This video should of been made a long time ago, but yesterday GOV. Gretchen Whitmer push it over the edge with this flavor ban and crazy possession law! please call (517)373-3400 to get in contact with her office, leave a voice mail, talk to her secretary, or her herself! But be respectful and have FACTS to speak! Also Email her office but this is not the time to sit back no mater what state you are from, we need to come together and fight this before more corrupt governors do the same to their states!
Black Market THC or CBD products are not vaping! Vaping is a 95% safer alternative to combustible cigarettes that does not contain all the chemicals of a combustible!!! It is VG, PG, NICOTINE, and FLAVORING (all FDA approved products)!!!!

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