VapCap M 2018 Vaporizer + Degummed Hemp Fiber + Concentrates [ROME]

My name is Lucas and I’m the CEO of Welcome to my world of vaporizers!

Many of our customers asked us what a degummed hemp fiber is. And today I’m going to show you in Rome how to use it properly and what are the benefits of using this.

Before we get to that, let me introduce the newest version of the VapCap M – 2018. I will shortly tell you about the differences between the old and the new one, because I do believe, it’s a great vape.

New version comes with some improvements that are really important to our vaporisation sessions.
First, they added some rows. And these rows mean just more convection. More convection means a better taste.
Second they added some ribs. And these ribs really simplify the heating process. It’s just easier to spin.
Also the logotype is smaller and the whole unit looks just more elegant.

Probably many of ask yourself this questions whether should they upgrade or not to VapCap M 2018. The answer is very simple. You should not. If you have an old VapCap M, it’s a really great vape, that doesn’t necessarily need an upgrade. Nevertheless if you do not have the old VapCap M, it’s the high time to get yourself a new VapCap M. And really, you will be satisfied. You will be satisfied, believe me.
You will be satisfied… 😉

And of course you will be chased by girls just like I was. By this guy.

Alright, we finally know what vaporizer we are going to use, so… let’s get it started!

OK, that’s a lot of fiber, very nice in touch, I must say.
Don’t worry, you are not going to put the whole fiber at once to your VapCap M.

First you have to cut it and make sure BEFORE you put the wax or crumble, that it fits the chamber perfectly.

Then you want to choose, what you have to use… No, the other way. Then you have to choose, what you want to use. Yes, indeed.

This particular product contains 85+% of cannabidiol in my favourite flavour, which is pineapple express. This CBD crumble doesn’t contain any of THC.
What does Synergy Extracts do is absolutely georgeus. For people who are heavy users it’s really great to supplement in different ways the CBD.

OK, so right now we are ready to start a vaporisation session with the new VapCap M with the CBD crumble from Synergy Extracts. OK, let’s get it started!
Second click, here we go!

Nice, really nice!

Very good in flavour.

Super super flavour, amazing taste.

It’s one of the best ways to supplement the CBD. Great alternative to anything that you use in your vaporizer.

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And I’ve just started!
Thumbs up!


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