LockTank CBD Vape Pen – Vape with Safety Lock by Bauway

Lock Tank 3: 350mAh Rechargeable Manual Battery with 1ML capacity Disposable Cartridge
Lock Tank 4: 650mAh Rechargeable Manual Battery with 2Ml capacity Disposable Cartridge
Lock Tank 5: 350mAh Disposable One-Piece Automatic vape pen with 1ML capacity Cartridge

♦ Perfect for CBD/THC/Eliquid oil vape, produces pure and smooth taste.
♦ Disposable pod cartridge, easy to use and great as a starter kit.
♦ Ceramic heating coil, which is more healthy than the wick or cotton coil.
♦ Top side filling design, friendly to both manual-filling and machine-filling.
♦ Transparent tank, reminds you capacity left at any time.
♦ 510 standard thread, fits for most batteries in the market.
♦ Leak-proof lock protection and sleek design, ensures your safe and stylish vaping.

For factory wholesale interested, please contact via:
Email: sales02@bauway.com
Tel/Whatsapp/Skype/Wechat: +86 13037189752


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