No Holds Barred!: How to Make the Best Tincture Ever

There are a variety of CBD products that are rapidly gaining popularity, and tinctures are among them. While many customers may know what they want in a CBD tincture, they may not know to make CBD tincture – let alone how they are extracted.
There are a number of factors that make tinctures a popular product in the hemp and botanical industry. The sublingual use of tinctures has the second fastest bioavailability (absorption of CBD) in the body compared to inhalation of smoke or vapor. However, many turn to tinctures to mitigate the potential risks of inhaled CBD products, making it a safe, effective option for everyone interested in CBD use.
That being said, producers have needed to adapt to the market of CBD products – including tinctures – in order to maintain profitability and quality reputation. One major factor when considering how to make CBD tincture is the extraction method by which they create their products – among the major methods being ethanol and CO2 extraction. The fact of the matter is that these extraction methods vary in their efficiency to create quality tinctures.
If you’ve ever wondered how tinctures are made, what makes a quality tincture, or what makes a tincture safe, join Dr. Jon and Randall Thompson as they walk through how to make the best tincture possible. You will learn about distillate and isolate formulations, how to use terpenes properly, and how tinctures are made safely and easily with the highest possible quality.

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Time Stamps:
[00:00] – Welcome to the RND Lab
[02:22] – Initial Setup
[04:20] – How to Make CBD Tinctures
[06:05] – Types of CBD Used in Tinctures
[13:18] – Does Extraction Method for CBD Oil Make a Difference?
[16:00] – How to know how much to take?
[17:25] – Can you process just with pressure or do you need to process with a solvent?
[20:34] – Dosing Calculator:
[24:05] – Tasting Tinctures
[31:14] – Chemist Specific White papers
[32:38] – Lab: Ethanol Extract Biomass
[37:37] – Different Tincture Flavors
[42:20] – CBD Product to use in Tinctures
[43:48] – Do you only have to use alcohol?
[45:00] – The extracted material
[48:48] – CBD Tincture Buffet
[56:36] – Recap
[59:20] – Is there an optimal thinner for vape oils?
[01:00:30] – Nano emulsification?
[01:02:45] – Final Words

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