Legal Panel: Mackrell Turner Garrett & Zuber Lawler – Hemp CBD Opportunities under UK and US Law

Legal Panel: Hemp CBD Opportunities under UK and US Laws
“To infuse or not to infuse (with hemp CBD), that is the question.”


The new UK offer of hemp licenses opens a new frontier for UK sourced hemp derive products and long-term potential export of hemp oil and products. 2018 United States Farm Bill, opened up opportunities for international and domestic hemp/CBD production and distribution. Find out the opportunities and pitfalls in federal, state and local law.

Segment Description:

This program will help entrepreneurs to better understand what CBD oil products can legally be advertised and sold; what advertised claims are likely acceptable and what advertised claims is high risk; and the legal landscape now as well as anticipated timeline for more federal and state regulation. The program will help company owners understand the current UK and US regulatory status of CBD oil and its use in various products as well as offering predictions of likely future regulatory status changes. The course will also review some of the most common CBD oil claims, and note some potential hurdles to making such claims in the near future and potential strategies for working around any such hurdles.


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