Medical Cannabis in the UK

Steve Moore, Clark French, Gavin Sathianathan and Crispin Blunt Mp at iCAAD London 2018
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Global drug policy change has slowly shifted the public opinion on cannabis over the years from a dangerous substance to a medicine with a plethora of positive applications.

This shift in public opinion not only shows that the industry is growing, but that some countries have enough hindsight and experience to sharpen their policy and offer a market correctly regulated and balanced between the industry’s goals and patients’ needs.

Medical cannabis markets are developing everywhere and this tide of change will inevitably come to the UK.

Chaired by Steve Moore, Director of think-tank Volteface, and joined by Clark French, founder of the United Patients Alliance, this session will discuss legalisation of medical cannabis; where we are politically, what the current challenges are, and what the future looks like for UK drug policy, in a rapidly changing global context.

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