CBD MLMs and FAKE CBD?! CBD Scams are Harmful! #ANTIMLM

This has got to be the most effort and research put into a video yet! I’m so thankful to have the help and support from someone involved in the CBD industry, Jakie Waple founder of the Hemp Force, and couldn’t have made this video without her help. Emerging studies are showing promising benefits of CBD, or cannibidiol. This has garnished increased interest in CBD products by consumers which has caused a massive spike in new CBD businesses. Unfortunately, since the FDA is not regulating the production and standards of CBD products, there have been reports of CBD labeled products with dangerous ingredients, no CBD or a different level of CBD than their product claims. Today I discuss the CBD industry landscape, how to spot fake products and lastly CBD mlms like Hempworx, Kannaway and HB Naturals.

Jackie’s ebook she made for us:


cbd oil and children with autism:

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