EPISODE #88 CBD and Vaping with Angus Taylor, CEO of Infused Products International

On today’s show we’re joined by Angus Taylor, CEO of Infused Products International – pharmaceutical cannabinoid ingredient company based in Canada. 

Join us as we take a look at the company’s brand new CBD vape pens including how they have been designed and formulated for specific ailments. Angus also gives us his predictions for the future of cannabinoid health within a wider nutraceutical medical system. 


About Angus

Angus Taylor is the CEO of Infused Products International (IPI). A long-time entrepreneur, Angus has brought his focus on business development, strategy, innovation, and new market development to a variety of industries over his career. He devoted himself fully to the cannabis industry in 2015, well in advance of the legalisation of Canada’s recreational cannabis market and went on to found NewLeaf Cannabis, one of Canada’s most successful retail cannabis brands to date with 23 stores operating in Alberta, the most competitive Canadian market. Since the successful launch of NewLeaf, Angus has been working with both local and international business to help them understand and strategise the best path to success in the incredibly competitive cannabis landscape.

Episode Summary

• Angus worked as a Management Consultant within innovation spaces before he started Infused Products International.
• When the legalisation of cannabis in Canada was made a reality, Angus recognised the opportunity to innovate within the space.
• Angus started his journey within the cannabis industry working within government relations for Health Canada.
• In 2017, Angus co-founded cannabis retail chain NewLeaf Cannabis which was sold in 2019 to a licensed producer. At the time – it was the largest brick and mortar retail chain in Canada.
• After his exit from NewLeaf Cannabis, founded Infused Products International (IPI), a pharmaceutical ingredient company that cultivates cannabis strains curated to extract specific cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids for the formulation of pharma-grade medicinal cannabis products.
• IPI intends to supply a global cannabis market with the highest quality and purity GMP-certified cannabinoid isolate and wholesale full-spectrum cannabis oils and formulations.
• Infused Products International’s brand, Infused Amphora, offers CBD vape pens and cartridges which can be found in bricks and mortar stores, and online.
• Infused Amphora offers a unique selection of different CBD vape cartridges, each formulated and intricately tailored to help alleviate various forms of pain and problems. 
• Infused Amphora brings the richness of the past together with modern quality assurance practices to provide consumers with affordable CBD-infused products online.
• Infused Amphora’s CBD pens are free from chemicals such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine which although are safe to ingest, have not been studied in their vapour form to ensure long term safety.
• Infused Amphora takes a ‘plants only’ approach, using exclusively CBD distillate and plant-sourced terpenes within their products.
• Compared to smoking, vaping is seen to be ‘cleaner’ as it does not use combustion. 
• When you smoke cannabis, carbon and biomass are burned which produces tars and other harmful substances which are inhaled. 
• The effects of vaping can be felt very quickly due to the high bioavailability of inhaling through the lungs, whereas CBD which is ingested takes longer to synthesise as it needs to travel through the stomach, intestines, and then the liver before it enters the bloodstream.

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