THC AND CBD IN SKIN CARE: STILL ON THE WAY? Doreen McMorran, COO, Ovation Science Inc.

Doreen McMorran, COO of Ovation Science, provides an overview of topical cannabis. Regulations of CBD and THC in Canada and the United States, sales and market share of topical cannabis, and expected sales in the next 5 years, are some of the topics discussed.

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⏱ Timestamps:
0:00 – Ovation Science and Doreen McMorran
1:52 – THC & CBD Skin Care in Canada
2:42 – CBD, THC, Hemp
4:12 – Canada’s Cannabis 2.0 in 2020
5:32 – CBD: Maybe it’s a Fad?
7:09 – Are Topicals Still Coming?
9:24 – Cannabis and the Pandemic
11:55 – Cannabis and the US Election
13:58 – DermSafe – Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
16:28 – Q&A

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