How To Test New Supplements for BJJ Training (Are They Really Working?)

In today’s video I answer a question related to how I test new supplements for BJJ training and seeing their affect on performance. So in this video I share the way I personally test out new supplements and dietary changes to see if it’s having a positive effect or negative effect on my Jiu-jitsu. In some cases I’m going off of how I feel where as others I’m actually getting blood drawn to test the changes.

The question came as a response to a segment on my podcast where I spoke about CBD and Charlotte’s Web cbd products. So I talk about the positive changes (especially with recovery) I’ve felt from taking cbd.

Which just for transparency Charlotte’s Web CBD is a sponsor of our podcast. but if you’d like to try any of their stuff head over to and use the promo code Chewjitsu to get 15% off of your total purchase.

If you’re in the market for new supplements to assist with your BJJ training then I hope the video is useful.
Thanks for watching.
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