What Is CBD? | Does CBD work?

What is CBD is a question we are asked by a lot of our vape customers who are coming to hear about the product more and more. To answer that simple question we have put together this video addressing, what exactly CBD or Cannabidiol is.

If you are thinking of using CBD for the first time, but have a couple of questions to be asked first, you can jump onto our store Vapeandjuice.com and hit our live webchat. Or you can pop into one of our many shops, you can even stick a question in the comments below.

Whether you have used CBD before or are just getting into it, Mason our resident CBD all star tackles these FAQs on CBD. If you found this video useful, please share it on to a friend, and subscribe here. We have a host of other CBD videos, such as how to take CBD, what are the best vape kits for CBD and shattering common CBD myths.

Thanks for watching.

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