WHITE LVBEL Cart Review – Long Lasting, Strong Oil

Here we take a look at the WHITE LVBEL cart. The strain I think is Apple Jack, but lost the packaging somewhere along the way.

The most noticeable thing about it is the length it lasts. After recording the video and now writing the description, this cart lasted 6 days. For me, that’s a long time. Most half G’s last about 2 days.

This cart was 900mg or 950mg, just enough to be under a gram since Nevada makes 1g carts be under 80% THC.

Strength also is good and in the top 1/4. It might not be as potent as Roots, Ursa, HH Live Resin or Cannavative Live Clear, but it destroys brands like RAD Vape and Kings Garden. Even compared to the stronger brands on a $ per $ basis it presents a good value as it’s priced lower.

Taste does not seem artificial at all and is in line with most other good distillates.

Got the cart while in West Wendover, NV at Deep Roots Harvest, possibly Nevada’s worst dispensary due to price gouging. It’s not that expensive to get someone to bring carts in from Reno or LV and for a town where there are not a lot of high-paying jobs, Deep Roots seems to have a price-gouging monopoly.

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