Vape Coils Explained: How Ohmage, Wicking & Sub Ohm Coils Work

In this video guide to vape coils we hope to give you a greater sense of understanding over one of the fundamentals of vaping, the steel & cotton heart of your beloved vape, without which there would be no vape to inhale!

We’ll cover how coils work, sub ohm coils, building your own and more.

Intro: (0:00)
Vape coils overview: (0:18)
What are vape coils?: (1:18)
Variation between vape coils: (1:51)
How to choose the right ohmage: (2:22)
Sub ohm coils explained: (2:42)
Mouth to lung (MTL) coils explained: (3:40)
The inner workings of a sub ohm vape coil: (4:23)
Mesh coils explained: (5:32)
Ceramic & tea tree vape coils: (5:57)
Building your own coils: (6:34)


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