Medicinal Cannabis Scheme Industry Session

Presentation to industry on the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme Public Consultation (22 July 2019). For more on the consultation: … source

Top 7 Best Vape Mods Of 2021 (Best Box Mods)

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How To Fill: CCELL M6T / C6 Vape Cartridge

In this video, we review how to properly fill the M6T/C6 Plastic Cartridge by CCELL. We also discuss tools, troubleshooting, and pro-tips to prevent common … source


Salut à tous, petite revue liquides français ! Les “MEXICAN CARTEL” résultat d’une collaboration entre LE LABO BASQUE et KUMULUS Vape ! gamme en … source

Half Vaped CBD 100 mg

Live Review Half Vaped CBD 100mg Product Launch at The Miami World Vapor Expo. source

Rule changes for future Arizona police officers using CBD oil and products

A panel has changed the rule and is allowing future Arizona police officers to use CBD oil and products. source

CBD Oil – Fad or The Future

The problem is, the levels of CBD oil contained in these products is so, so low, unlike the levels you’ll find in CBD vape juice, as to be unlikely to be of any health … source

The Powerful Health Benefits Of CBD

What is CBD and why does Dr. Meredith Warner recommend it? CBD is short for cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive component in the cannabis plant. CBD has a wide array of health benefits, and more are being discovered through research and testing. Right now, we know that CBD is highly antioxiant, an effective anti-inflammatory, can help reduce… Continue reading The Powerful Health Benefits Of CBD

"What You Need To Know About Youth Vaping"

Join us in an interactive and engaging webinar with Tricia Dahl as she speaks about the dangers of vaping and what we really should know! Tricia Dahl is a senior Research Assistant at Yale University School of Medicine. Since 2001, she has worked on a number of clinical trials in the area of adult and… Continue reading "What You Need To Know About Youth Vaping"

BUYING MY FIRST VAPE at 18 yrs OLD … 😱 | AamariShante’

Watch the video in the Highest Quality (1080p or 4K ) * Heyyyyy Babyyy A’s !!!!! TODAYY in this video it’s a little different, I’m … source